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Newcastle Legion a wargaming club for men who like beer.

Flames of War Army Raffle!

Rojo one of the founding members of Newcastle Legion is need of our help. He has donated one of his armies and master painter David Geddes has done a fantastic job. 

1800 points Mid War British Dessert Rats

You can win this army simply buy purchasing tickets. $1 per ticket. The more you buy the more chances you have to win. 

All money goes directly to Rojo to help him in his work in Cambodia. 

CA16 SciFi is locked and Loaded. 

Packs are now up and we are taking payments. Spots are very limited. So if you want to get on the biggest/fun/crazy event in Aus get on board.

for all the into head to:


Infinity Slow grow. After the mega success of the last one we are on again. This time we mean business. Full ITS missions and Spec Ops are allowed. If you have no idea what I just said don't fear the guys will walk you through this very exciting game.