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Beerfinity, A Newcastle Legions sponsored event.

May 29th
300 points. 
4 games

Seize the Antennas
Where: Gallipoli Legion Club, Hamilton
Cost: 15 dollars.

Already have the 2016 ITS pack organised as well as some starter boxes and more decent prize support.

(IMPORTANT)Payment be made to me Via PayPal, if you could either A) Gift it, or B) transfer enough to cover fees.

Sooner you pay, the sooner I can start getting more goodies organised! . There is a 30 player cap so get in early to secure your spot!

TO: Lyndsay Steele
EO: Kent Fury


The league is designed to develop the newcastle infinity community, there are players with varied levels of experience for that reason there will not be a huge emphasis on winning for prizes. Good sports, community involvement and hobby are highly valued. Anything people can do to either hype up,recruit or help develop the game is pretty much what I would like to see.

​Legions Infinity league.