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Castle Assault has two flavours Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Sci-Fi is held in August.
Fantasy is held in October.

What makes Castle Assault different than any other event?

For starters lets be frank. This is a party event. An event for the not so serious player. The player that likes to game and have a beer or 5. If you are the type of gamer that likes a hangover on day 2 you are in the right the place. If you are a gamer that likes a chilled weekend of escapism with a bunch of other players, talk some shit, roll some dice and have a laugh then this event is for you. If you like to game and game hard, squeeze every inch out off the rules and win at all costs.... then well perhaps a more relaxed approach is in order.

What makes Castle Assault different?
Well aside from the drinking (free drink on entry). There are no massive prizes or flash booty for the top players. The organisers put all the money we make back over the bar to make sure everyone is having a good time. At the end if we have some cash left over you go into the draw to win your cash back! That's right! you may just be a lucky guy and win the lucky door prize and get your entry fee back in your hand!

CAMOMA what the hell is it? Why is it a thing?

Castle Assault Mug of Mega Awesome (CAMoMA) is an institution. Started way back in 2010 for our Warhammer fantasy event to encourage the spirit of the weekend.
The winner of day one (40k or Warhammer.. these are the largest events we do look after the other guys but not as much) wins CAMoMA. For the rest of the night that player drinks for free! There is an after party on day one, we all go out for burgers, dancing, karaoke etc. Many beers and legends have been born on this glorious night.

Only a rare very legendary people have backed up on day two of hard party to take out the event. Never has a person who gave up CAMoMA on day one (that's right if for whatever reason you do not feel this prize is for you. The right is yours. Foregoing to the right to drink that night will then go to the second ranked person and so on).

The overall winner of CAMoMA will get their name engraved on the mug. Plus next year they get free entry to the event PLUS drink from CAMoMA all day 1 of the comp till it is time to hand it over to the winner of day 1.

The Venue: Gallipoli Legions Club.

The venue for Castle Assault is one of the most convenient I have come across, situated in the middle of a large fast food, pub and eatery precinct. We’ll also be near a variety of accommodation options and within walking distance to the Hamilton train station. The games will take place in a very large, private, air conditioned room set aside for our tournament. It’s been our venue for the last 8 years and is used each month by the local Newcastle Legions Wargaming Club. Our familiarity with the location and with the venue staff means that we are well practiced at pulling off events of this nature.


Northern Star Hotel, Just down the road basic
Boulevard Serviced Apartments, end of the street standard hotel offering
Backpackers Newcastle, cheap and cheerful
Hotel Formula1 Wallsend, a long way out and costs about the same as the Northern.

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