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The League is at an end. The war has not. Infinity is played in a big way at the club. with nearly always a game on. If you are keen to give it a try you can download a free set of rules from the link below. Contact Gav on the Legions FB page and set up an intro game. 


Legions Infinity league.

Paypal me as a gift to avoid fees and leave your name.
Narrative campaign/slow grow. 
$15 entry all money back into prizes. 
Regular ITS missions with a campaign twist. 
Spec ops allowed/encouraged. 
Cannot change spec ops loadouts between games.

Spec ops start at 4 xp and every game they survive earn xp equal to the vp you accrue. Eg first game you get 5 xp your spec opa if it survived will get +5xp for round 2. Spec ops that die without a cube go back to 4 xp spec ops that die with a cube go back to their xp they had on the mission they died in. 

150 point start june manday, 50 pt increases every month. Can play your games at either the sunday or thursday meets. Can chop and change your list between rounds.


Highest ranked player; the only prize that will be for winning games is the ITS winners pack ( which contains the Krakot mercenary)

Best sports  ( There is a good chance that multiple prizes will be given out for sportsmanship)

Community involvement.  Recruiting players, keeping interest high on the forums, helping the TO manage the league, making terrain are just a few things that will help determine prizes for community involvement.

Lowest ranked player.

High achiever there will be a list of achievements whoever achieves the most over the 3 games ( can only achieve them once each)

Raffle prizes.

Raffle tickets will be given out which will be used for prizes.

Per round

1 TICKET playing your game at legions ( either at manday or at Thursday night games)

1 TICKET having a fully painted force.

1 TICKET winning a game. 

1 TICKET for getting a good sports score.

There will be tickets awarded for random things too.  Pretty much if something cool/bullshit happens in your game let me know about it.

Pairing and scoring

First round choose your opponent or be randomly paired. Rounds 2 and 3 will pair people up depending on scores.  You may organise games outside of legions but play and report the scores by the date’s outlines in each months brief.

An additional 2 Objective points are added to your score for each round you play at legions ( play all 3 games at legions your OP will be +6

Scoring will be done on OP difference.  Eg if you win your first game 10 – 0 you are on +10 OP and your opponent is on -10 OP.

Round brief

Round 1.  150points

Modified annihilation game

must be reported to me between February manday and the 11th of march ( day after Thursday night games in march)


No link teams, no hackers (remotes under 20 points may be taken without the requirement for hackers this round only) no loss of LT.

Objective to kill as much of your opponent whilst keeping your own models alive.

1 OP kill between 20-60 points

2 OP kill between61-110 points

3 OP kill over 110points

2 OP kill your opponents LT

1 OP have 20-60 points survive the end of the game

2 OP have 61- 110 points survive the game

3 OP have over 110points survive the game

2 OP have your LT survive the game.

Round 2 200points

Must be reported between March man day and 15th of april ( day after Thursday night games.)

 Mission; Quadrant control as per ITS mission.

No restrictions

Round 3 250points

Must be reported ON THE manday as prizes will be given out then.

Mission; supplies as per ITS mission.