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40k 2nd Ed Classic DBAD

A long time ago in a time far far away, when Games workshop were a force of good in the universe, there was an elegant system for a more civilized age. For over a thousand battles the second edition was the guardian of fun and imagination in the Old days. Before the dark times, before the public listing.

Ok Guys sorry for the delay but been doing a lot of playtesting for 2nd ed event at the Feb man day. We will run 3/4 games over the day. Army lists/rosters should be sent to me by the 12th of feb. 1500 pts, using army books where printed and codex imperialis lists for those not supported in 2nd ed.

Run Sheet: 

9am register 
9:30 Game 1

12:00 Lunch

12:45 Game 2

3:00 Game 3

5:15 End

Cost $20

Prizes - Beer - Good times and something from my bits box. 

DON'T BE A DICK! Armies can not have characters with more than 2 wnds.

  • Tyranids can take a character with more than 2 wnds BUT they will have a Psy lv 2 max and can only buy 2 powers.
  • No biomorphs can be taken on the on the hive tyrant characters. All armies strictly WYSIWYG and please try and have everything painted.
  • Max 1 X Psych max level 2.
  • Exarchs must represent an Aspect present in the army.
  • Dark millennium vehicle building rules will not be used.
  • No Vortex or Virus grenades or outbreaks.
  • Hidden Lists. Things that are Hidden > Wargear Cards > Vehicle Cards > Transport (troops in vehicles. You don't tell people which vehicle contains the troops. BUT you must at the beginig of the game mark down where they are for review later if asked). Your Troops are all WYSIWYG and it's good form to tell your opponent what type of troops have been deployed etc.   
  • Maximum of 50 points of wargear/biomorphs/Gifts/vehicle cards in the army.
  • DONT BE A DICK! Special considerations for some army setups will be taken on a case by case basis. All armies are to be submitted for DBAD checking. All armies will be given a comp score that will be added to your battle score. Soft armies will have a major point advantage over hard armies. If you don't get it... Well let's put it this way. You take a themed fluffy army you will do well. Maximizing load out options for your army will not. TO can reject armies that he feels are over the top. 

All lists are to be submitted by 18th Feb to 

What to Bring

Everything that is need to use your army. Data Cards, Wargear Cards, Dice, all that stuff. 

Links of useful stuff
Battle Bible - all the rules including codex's

Old Army Builder -
Note the Army Builder file may not line up with the Battle Bible. If in doubt check the original codex first. If it looks to good to be true then check with Daz or my self for a ruling. DBAD applies in all situations

Newcastle Legions has a 40k following. So much so we support the current editions and as far back as 2nd Ed!

There are 2 major events held at the club over the year. 

Castle Assault SciFi

2nd Ed Classic Feb 25th 2018

40k Warhammer CA ScFi  August  

All dates and links can be found here.

You can always get a pick up game on game days just tee the game up on the FB page in the monthly event when its posted.