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Sword and Spear

Newcastle Legion has a very active S&S scene. Come join us for some games once a month. We normally play 15mm but 28mm can be arranged. 

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Sword and Spear 

Newcastle Legion


Sword and Spear 1 day tournament. 
Date:               October XXX It will run in 2016 TBC
Location:         Gallipoli Legion Club
                        3-5 Beaumont Street
                        Hamilton, NSW

Entry Fee:       $15.00
                        Entries need to be confirmed and paid by Sunday October 18.
                        Entry fees can be paid directly to James Pheils on the day.
TO:                  Jason Sendjirdjian and Michael Butterworth

Players Pack: Download

Registration will take place at 9:00am and the first games will start at 9:30 sharp.

Games will be played with a 2 hour limit per game. Once time is called the current active player will be allowed to resolve whatever action they were in the middle of, after which VPs will be tallied.

Armies are to be made to a 500pt limit. Any version 1 army list from any period that is currently listed on the Polkovnik website are allowed to be used:
No do it yourself army lists will be entertained so don’t even bother formulating an argument as to why you should be allowed to use it, the answer is already ‘no’.

Scale:              15mm

BASING:          All units will need to have an 80mm frontage

Army lists are to be submitted to Jason no later than Monday October 19 via email at:

All standard rules will be in place as per the Sword and Spear rule book with the only change being the current play-test revision to the heavy armour rules: Heavy Armour may only be used to effect the result of a single dice In combat (either by 1 or 2 pips) and is NOT allowed to reduce two dice by a single pip each.

Tables will all feature pre-set terrain, these will be very loosely based on historical battlefields spanning the periods covered by the current Sword and Spear army lists.