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Warhammer is dead. Long live Warhammer. GW has succesfully killed a really good game and vibrant gaming scene. Not to fear Legions you can still get a game in or try you hand at the other really cool games that are filling the void. 

To get a game of the following you just need to put a post up in a club FB page when the event for the month is posted. 

Warhammer 9th Age its like what warhammer would be if it was written by the best gamer's in the world

Kings of War V2 the updated version has alot more going on and is very well supported buy the company Mantic

Age of Sigmar. Its not that bad. The guys that play it have worked it out. 

Warmaster. Oh yes we have brought it back from the dead. 10mm Warhammer at its greatest.