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Flames of War Tourney
When: May 14th-15th 

Where: Gallipoli Legion Club Hamilton
3-5 Beaumont St
Hamilton, NSW 2303

What: Flames of War: Late War

Points: 1800

Players: 30-40
1. No Named/Special Characters and NGFS
2. In Defensive Battles Either game resolution (I.E. someone wins/army breaks) or six turns MINIMUM are to be completed in the 2 1/2 hours otherwise the game is a draw, this is to encourage players to pick practical armies and play at a decent pace.

Cost: $30

Format: 3 games day one. 2 games day 2. Special big bash Saturday night. 1st round Grudge matches 2nd and every other round Swiss system. 
Prizes: Best Sports, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted, best club, best table.

Direct Deposit Westpac
Furyjuice BSB:032639 Acc: 201619 
please put "FW" before your first initial and surname e.g. "FWJSmith" 

TO: Conrad Carlton
Lists Due: 7th May 

Why would I come? 

In its second year this is turning into a great event we had 14 players last year and 12 of them were just from Newcastle. This one event put two people into the FoW Masters event. 

So if you rate your self or just like to throw some dice this event is tops! 

Newcastle Legions knows how to organise a great event. The club has air conditioning, fully licenced and if we get enough players the bistro will be open for us. 

So you get to drink beer, roll some dice and have a laugh. Newcastle Legions puts the fun in war games and we truly believe that to sports is the most important factor in all our games.​

More Info:  
Newcastle Legions Facebook page Events Castle Krieg​

FOW Battle in Vines 2015


Easy Army - best army builder available

Flames of War - heaps of good stuff here 

Plastic Solider - Cheap way to build an army and they look sweet. 

Flames of War

Newcastle Legions has a strong Flames of War following with on average 3-4 tables every meet. 

If you are new to the game and would like to learn how to play let us know. No need to buy minis the members have enough armies to loan out so you can learn the ropes. 

We normally play 1750 points late war. This is a standard but we also have been mixing it up with doubles games of 1000 pts each player. 

The club has excellent terrain and the majority of players have outstanding looking forces.