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$10 Entry for Club & NAF members
($20 for Club but non-NAF members, you'll get some extra blingy bling)

Location: Galliploi Legion Club 
Time: 9:30 rego 10am kick off

1,250,000 gp to buy: players, skills & inducements
-only 1 dbl skill (no stat increases)
-max 1 added skill per player
-no Wizards or Magic / Dirty Play Cards
CRP Approved teams + Underworld, Chaos Pact & Slann (if you are that way inclined).
resurrection rules

3 round event (possibly a 4th for funzies pending time) f

Scoring system:
+5pts for a win
+2pts for a draw
+1pts for a loss
-Conceeding means you owe me a beer..

--- Head to Head Result, then
--- Strength of Schedule, then
--- TD For/Against Ratio, then
--- CAS For/Against Ratio, then
--- Paper Scissors Rock, then
---Whoever buys me a beer first, then
---Whoever buys Fury a beer first, then
---If we are still trying to find a winner by now it's time to give up

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Steel Cup 

Brought to by 

Newcastle Legion and NAF

un-related general BB info from the club 


All rules are standard as per the (print friendly) Competition Rules Pack found here. The added races of Chaos Pact, Slaan and Underworld are also included and can be found here. If you want a version which has all the pictures, fluff and new teams included look here.

I could post a whole heap of other rules but we aren't babies and I shouldn't need to tell you to pull your head in. Any questions or comments contact your friendly Commish Dan Collins via the Legions Facebook page.


Q Are we playing Illegal Procedure?

A. Only if both coaches agree to it.

Q. Where do record our matches?

A. If you would like to record your matches, you can FB PM the details to me.

Q. Where can I get blank team sheets from?

A. Here

Q. I've caught Bloodbowl fever! How do I play online?

A. First option is the Cyanide Bloodbowl game which is available on PC, consoles and now even tablets. It is very pretty but has multiple bugs, no administration of multiplayer games and the AI for single players is pretty appalling. Having said that as an intro it's pretty good.

Second option (and the far superior one in my opinion) is FUMBBL, an online team tracking system combined with a JAVA client. It will run on basically any PC. You will need to have the latest version of JAVA installed. To get the most out of it, I would also recommend installing an IRC (chat) client. The Southern Wastes League is a FUMBBL based Australian league which has been running for over 10 years and offers a perpetual competition with 8 week seasons and 1 game per week. It also allows you to play casual games and make contact with coaches who are not idiots and will be playing in your timezone.If you would like to find out more information you can contact me via Facebook or just use this IRC link:

Dan Collins